I was born in a small farm, in the North of Portugal, near Braga.

    As a child I had the privilege of experiencing unic moments which shaped the values of my life.

    The country life offered me the opportunity of creating bounds with nature, with the farm animals, especially with the dogs: I watched their birth, their growth and eventually their death!

    With them I learned to read the signals of the heart language: - "Understanding"

    With them I ran, I played, I laughed and I cried: - "Friendship"

    And, in silence, they laughed with me whenever I was happy and they cried with me without tears Whenever they sensed my sadness.They were my special FRIENDS!: - "Respect"

    Thank you, MOTHER! You taught me how to love the animals and how to respect them as living creatures respectable, useful and not less valuable than us!: - "Nostalgia"

    I miss you!

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