Collies are very family oriented dogs. They love children, they are very intelligent, quick learners, very sensitive, playful, and great outdoors dogs. Collies get along well with other pets. 

Collies should not be tied up or chained. Because they are a herding dog they are able to run up to 40 miles a day. It is preferable to have a large fenced yard or a large kennel area. Collie are also great athletes and can easily jump a 4 or 5 foot fence when motivated to do so. A 6 foot fence is suggested for fencing off areas. Collies understand boundaries well and it is advisable to walk a new puppy around the yard twice a day for the first week, and once a day for two following weeks to teach them the yard limits. 

Collies make excellent obedience dogs. They require a soft touch when initally learning the exercise and a quick correction once they do understand but just refuse to do the exercise. Collies can become stubborn and unwilling to learn anything if too much correction is used. They are also bright enough to figure out ways to avoid doing exercises. In general they are very intelligent and very sensitive dogs. Collies also retain many of their inherited herding abilities and make excellent working dogs. . Collies have also been known to be used as therapy dogs, Search and Rescue dogs, Avalanche Dogs, Water Rescue dogs, Drug-detection dogs, and Fire Rescue dogs.

by Marla Belzowski and Cindy Moore

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